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About us


Fostering empowerment in women and girls for a thriving future

Welcome to WGCEO: Women & Girls Capabilities & Empowerment Organization, where our commitment lies in fostering the potential of women and girls to empower them and contribute to a thriving future.

At WGCEO, we believe in the inherent capabilities and strengths that women and girls possess. Our organization is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures their talents, promotes personal growth, and paves the way for meaningful contributions to society.

Our mission is rooted in the empowerment of women and girls through targeted programs that address social inclusion, stimulate active participation, and provide opportunities for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We envision a Pan-African impact, strategically contributing to the growth and development of the entire African continent.

As WGCEO, we strive to be a beacon of empowerment, advocating for equality and inspiring positive change. Together, we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of women and girls, fostering a future where their capabilities are recognized, celebrated, and harnessed for the greater good.

Help is our main goal !!

Join us in our pursuit of empowerment, as we work towards a world where every woman and girl can realize her capabilities and contribute to a brighter and more equitable future.

Core Value

At WGCEO: Women & Girls Capabilities & Empowerment Organization, our core values form the foundation of our commitment to fostering positive change and empowerment. These values guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, shaping the essence of our organization.
Represents growth, taking off, and reaching new heights, symbolizing the empowerment of women and girls to thrive and make a lasting impact.
Signifying a global perspective and interconnectedness, reflecting the value of diversity and inclusivity, and the breaking down of barriers.
The scales of justice symbolize fairness and equality, emphasizing the commitment to promoting gender equality in all aspects of life.
The lightbulb signifies ideas and innovation, highlighting the organization’s embrace of creativity and fresh approaches for positive change.
Depicting a handshake, this icon represents collaboration and partnerships, emphasizing the power of working together for lasting change.
A magnifying glass signifies transparency and scrutiny, reflecting the organization’s commitment to operate with honesty and integrity in all endeavors.

Our Partners


Empowering women and girls for a brighter tomorrow