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As part of a series of events to celebrate her 26th birthday, the youngest Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai traveled to Nigeria on July 12, 2023, to advocate for girl-child education. She advocated for more targeted investments in girl child education in her speech to the Nigerian government because it has long-term benefits for any country’s socioeconomic development and is linked to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. But Ms. Malala’s visit to Nigeria should serve as a reminder to the government at all levels to put in place mechanisms to make sure that girls can learn in a secure environment while also competently addressing the obstacles that girls face in-addition to boldly speaking about ongoing efforts in securing the release of Leah Sharibu and other unknown Girls who were forcibly taken from their school environments and married off against their wish to criminal elements. Finally, Malala’s visit would be a normal visit with no tangible result if the Government does not prioritize safe and affordable education that make Girls less susceptible to early marriage.

Photo Credit – Punch Nigeria 2023

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