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Our Cause

Mentoring Women on Accessing and Managing Resources

We focus on helping women in career development and becoming successful in their chosen professions or ventures. Our tailor made mentoring system is designed in support women to access harness resources to give them better place in the society. The quality of the mentoring relationship is managed to remain an important factor in the success of the women.

Career Development for Girl-Child

Our career development for girl-child includes programmes and various services designed to facilitate individual girl-child development and their ability to make right decision and optimal choices regarding their occupational, familial and social roles.

Our professional mentors are knowledgeable and have deep understand in the effect of gender in human development and they apply this knowledge to support young girls in attaining their best in life

STEM Girl Child Education

We understand the importance of girl-child education. We have therefore put up a mechanism in place to promote and encourage STEM education for the girl-child. We have developed strategies that will encourage the girl-child to build up interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This will help them to use their skills in developing the nation, they also become capable and have the capacity to be technologically and economically independent.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights Among Women

We promote gender equality, literacy among rural women, achieving sexual health among women and exercising independent sexual and reproduction choices. We support in creating a safe environment for women to voice their opinion as regards their sexual and reproductive choice and create advocacy tools to help raise awareness and mobilise people’s right to sexual and reproductive health.

Advocacy Against Gender Based Violence

We advocate against every form of violence against women and girls, physical, sexual, emotional abuse by intimate partners, sexual exploitation or rape by close acquaintances or strangers, female genital mutilation, trafficking of women and children, prostitution, unrest and disaster among women. Since these violence are seldom reported, we create a channel that provide confidence and security for women involved to open up for us to provide the needed help for them.

Education, Gender and Leadership Development

As a leader in Education, Gender and Leadership Development, we work with government, institutions, private organizations and individual on achieving the full benefit of Gender education and leadership. Our focus has been to internalize leadership identity and sense of purpose for achieving success among our clients.

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