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WGCCEO offers consulting services in the area of Education, Gender, WASH and Leadership.

Mentoring Women on Accessing and Managing Resources

We focus on helping women in career development and becoming successful in their chosen professions or ventures. Our tailor-made mentoring system is designed to support women to access harness resources to give them a better place in society. The quality of the mentoring relationship is managed to remain an important factor in the success of women.

Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstruation is a normal biological process that commences at the early stages of puberty; managing it effectively involves using clean sanitary materials and having access to soap and water to wash the private area and maintain good hygiene.
WGCEO’S style in promoting Menstrual Hygiene Management is educating Adolescent Girls’ on the need to establish and maintain good hygiene practices during their monthly cycle and in their daily lives in addition to carrying out Menstrual Hygiene Campaign aimed at promoting open discussions about menstruation and advocating for access to access to clean water and sanitary facilities for Women and Girls’.

Career Development for Girl-Child

Our career development for girl-child includes programmes and various services designed to facilitate individual girl-child development and their ability to make the right decision and optimal choices regarding their occupational, familial and social roles. Our professional mentors are knowledgeable and have deep understood in the effect of gender on human development and they apply this knowledge to support young girls in attaining their best in life

Financial Literacy Education (For the Girl Child)

Financial Literacy is a strategic tool in promoting and ensuring the independent as well as financial empowerment of the Girl-Child. It is a means for Girls’ to not only achieve their dreams but plan the kind of life they want to live in the future. Our financial literacy class is tailored made to enable the Girl-Child; Understand the importance of Money; Manage Money; Be aware of the benefits of investing money.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights Among Women

We promote gender equality, literacy among rural women, achieving sexual health among women and exercising independent sexual and reproduction choices. We support creating a safe environment for women to voice their opinion as regards their sexual and reproductive choice and create advocacy tools to help raise awareness and mobilise people’s right to sexual and reproductive health.

Advocacy Against Gender Based Violence

We advocate against every form of violence against women and girls, physical, sexual, emotional abuse by intimate partners, sexual exploitation or rape by close acquaintances or strangers, female genital mutilation, trafficking of women and children, prostitution, unrest and disaster among women. Since this violence is seldom reported, we create a channel that provides confidence and security for women involved to open up for us to provide the needed help for them.

Drug Abuse Education

Statistics from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC 2018) revealed that Drug Use in Nigeria stands at 14.4%. Common drugs used by young people in Nigeria include but not limited to Cannabis, Marijuana, Heroin, Codeine and Tramadol with effects ranging from the weakened immune system, loss of concentration and slurred speech. WGCEO’s approach in tackling the problem of Drug Abuse with the support of the UNODC Nigeria Country Office is a Preventive Approach that encompasses educating Adolescents on the negative effects of Drug Use on their future using Information, Education and Communication materials.

Enlightenment on Human Trafficking

The United Nations 2018 Trafficking in person report describes Human Trafficking as a multifaceted, clandestine and organized crime facilitated by criminal syndicates and exacerbated by poverty, lack of opportunities, perceived better opportunities and harmful cultural practices. In recognition of the fact that there are many forms of Human Trafficking, WGCEO’s focus is enlightening Adolescent Girls’ on Internal and External Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation and the antics of traffickers in pressurizing them to succumb.

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